1. sharkweek:

    The Goblin Shark is going on a bit of a vacation to the depths of the ocean. He’ll be back in the future!

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    Meet the man behind ‘Shark Week’
    A Q&A with Discovery’s Mike Sorenson, the man put in charge of the most dangerous seven days on television.

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  3. persondudeguy:

    A slow motion shark attack.

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    Can we talk about how the shark week twitter is fricken awesome

    We think you mean *jawesome

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  5. fordivers:

    Hunting techniques of sharks differ between species. Some of the sharks are very effective at ambushes like wobbegongs or angel sharks, using their camouflage to stalk prey and suck. Many other sharks feed solely on crustaceans crushing them with their flat teeth, as the Port Jackson shark. http://www.fordivers.com/en/fauna/especie/sharks/

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  6. beawareofsharks:

    Lemon Shark, Negaprion brevirostris (by Todd Bretl)

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  7. 100leaguesunderthesea:

    Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) near divers in shark cage, Australia

    by Norbert Wu

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